Caldierosso 2021

Caldierosso is our basic red wine from Teran grapes blended with Nebbiolo, Merlot and Tempranillo. It was named after Kaldir (Caldier), the village near the vineyards where the grapes for this wine are grown. Teran gives authenticity and juiciness, Nebbiolo provides the tannic backbone and red fruit aromas, Merlot adds fruitiness and body, and Tempranillo brings the structure and a Mediterranean note. All together form a complex wine with a finesse that exudes freshness and Istrian joie de vivre.


16 °C

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Technical data:

Assortment and ratio: Teran 50%, Merlot 18%, Nebbiolo 16%, Tempranillo 16%
Vineyard area: Istria, Motovun
Vineyard name: Brkač (Teran), Santa Elisabetta (other varieties)
Ground type: clay (Brkač), flysch (Santa Elisabetta)
Vineyard age: planted in 2012 (Brkač), and 2010 (Santa Elisabetta)
Altitude: 140 m (Brkač), 330 m (Santa Elisabetta)
Yields: 6 tons per hectare
Harvest type: by hand
Vinification: separate harvest and vinification for each variety, maceration 5 to 10 days, fermentation in stainless steel tank at 25 to 28 °C, blending after fermentation
Maturation: 12 months in a combination of 2,500-litre Slavonian oak barrels and 500- and 225-litre French oak barrels
Maturation in the bottle: 6 months
Analytical data: alcohol 13%, total acidity 5.6 g, residual sugar 1.8 g, pH 3.77

Year: 2021

Climatically, 2021 belongs to balanced years. Apart from the excesses with the cold at the beginning, the rest is the growing season took place within the standard terms. They marked the rest of spring and the first half of summer regular changes in rainfall and longer sunny periods. The end of the growing season was dry and sunny, all the way from veraison to the end of the harvest. The specificity of the year is a very dry and warm harvest period which made it possible to wait for ideal maturity and moderate yields.


The wine is a darker red purple color. It is rich and lively, pleasantly accentuated freshness, ripeness and softer tannins. The year 2021 is one of the most favorable for Caldierosso so far, which is made it possible to preserve the typical liveliness and fruitiness of the wine, while at the same time reaching a more mature note. Main the characteristics of the taste are balanced acids, elegance on the palate, ripeness of the fruit and a long duration taste, and the smell is a layering of aromas like black berries mixed with notes of black cherries, ripe plums, cedar and tobacco. It has an excellent balance between ripeness and juiciness, fullness and elegance, and it has enough charming character to drink it every day with a family lunch, and it is also suitable for special occasions.

Gastronomic recommendation:

Along with red meats such as grilled rump steak and other similar smoked meats with a juicier character. Then with more aromatic meats such as lamb chops or pork ribs, more juicily prepared. Also with pasta Bolognese and other pastas with dark sauces.

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