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Every wine is just a reflection of soil, microclimate, grape variety and dedicated work. Only by visiting place of its origin, you get to truly know its soul and create an everlasting and unbreakable bond with it.

Time when the tours start: 10:30, 13:00, 15:00

Tasting time: 70 - 90 min

Languages: croatian, english

Minimum number of person: 2

Max. capacity of sitting spots: 18

Parking: available

Remark: winery tour and tasting are not private

Taxes (PDV 25%) are included in the prices

Payment: in advance or on the spot

Benvenuti Tradition Experience

Benvenuti Tradition Experience

Winery tour and tasting of 3 wines with local finger food

125,00kn (16,59 EUR)

Sense of Place Experience

Sense of Place Experience

Winery tour and tasting of 5 wines with local finger food

187,00kn (24,82 EUR)

Deep Teran Experience

Deep Teran Experience


Winery tour and tasting of 4 wines with local finger food Rosé, Caldierosso (blend with teran), Teran Anno Domini and Santa Elisabetta

300,00kn (39,82 EUR)

*Valid untill Santa Elisabetta's bottles for degustation are available (limited). Teran Santa Elisabetta is not present on the market neighter can be bought in our degustation room but you can make a reservation for the Santa Elisabetta 2018. Once the bottle of Santa Elisabetta is released officially on the market it can not anymore be reserved for that year since the market request is bigger than the offer. (rules: valid those from the reservation list present in the degustation room)

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