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This Malvasia vineyard is planted at our highest position, at an impressive 400 meters above sea level. In good and dry years, when the grapes can remain on the vine a bit longer, we use them to produce dessert wines through the so-called passito method. The late-harvest grapes are further air-dried for three months, during which the berries become wrinkled, concentrating sugars and acids, ultimately yielding a complex and irresistibly enticing sweet nectar. Malvasia San Salvatore is a type of dessert wine that can be aged for decades, during which its quality will only continue to develop. It is conceived as a wine for special moments or as a gift for significant life occasions.


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Technical data:

Assortment and ratio: Istrian Malvazija 100%
Vineyard area: Istra, Motovun
Vineyard name: San Salvatore
Ground type: Flysch
Vineyard age: Planted in the year 2000.
Altitude: 400 m
Yields: 4 tons per hectare
Harvest type: Hand-harvested
Vinification: Drying the grapes naturally in covered and open spaces for a duration of 3 months. Subsequently, maceration and the start of fermentation for 10 to 15 days using indigenous yeasts, followed by pressing and several months of ongoing fermentation in a steel tank at temperatures of 10 to 13 °C.
Maturation: 2.5 years (30 months) after the completion of fermentation in 225-liter barrels
Maturation in the bottle: 2 years
Analytical data: Alcohol 11.5%, total acidity 6.3g, residual sugar 215g, pH 3.73

Year: 2015

A warmer year with lower to moderate precipitation levels. The total amount of rainfall throughout the year was modest at 700 liters per square meter. The vegetative process for Malvasia began slightly earlier, maintaining that pace throughout the entire growing season, culminating in a harvest that was also slightly earlier than usual. However, in the case of Malvasia from San Salvatore, the harvest took place a bit later, around mid-September, leading to the initiation of liquid reduction within the grapes while still in the vineyard. The dry period before harvest facilitated thorough ripening, resulting in grapes free from rot and a significant accumulation of high sugar content within the berries – a crucial aspect for dessert wines.


Deep amber in color. A very sweet and incredibly layered wine with multiple dimensions. Its aroma is intense, with abundant honeyed tones, followed by notes of raisins and dried apricots, while in the background, there are hints of spices and dried herbs. The taste is intensely sweet, well-developed, pleasantly spiced, and pleasantly bitter, with a substantial amount of sweetness on the finish. It can be aged for another fifteen years, but it's currently at its ideal stage for consumption.

Gastronomic recommendation:

Paired with various desserts such as pear in honey, different pies, and even dark chocolate. Ideal alongside cantuccini or hard sheep and goat cheeses.

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