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Malvazija Livio Benvenuti 2022



Malvazija Livio Benvenuti 2022

Malvasia Livio Benvenuti (formerly Anno Domini) is the essence of the Motovun terroir. It is a more complex and aged wine with the potential for many years of preservation. The grapes come from our oldest vineyards in the proportion that each year requires, depending on the frequency of rainfall and the average temperature. It is matured in older large wooden barrels, aromatically neutral, in which it develops its varietal characteristics and emphasizes the terroir stamp. It has the potential for a very long life, suitable for wine collectors and true lovers of the noble properties of aged wines.


12 °C

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Technical data:

Assortment and ratio: Malvasia Istriana 100%
Vineyard area: Istria, Motovun
Vineyard name: Turkovo and Motovun
Ground type: Flysch 70%, clay 30% (Turkovo), white soil with a large share of clay and a smaller percentage of flysch (Motovun)
Vineyard age: Planted in 1946 (Turkovo) and 1962 (Motovun)
Altitude: 330 m (Turkovo), 170 m (Motovun)
Yields: 5,5 tons per hectare
Harvest type: By hand
Vinification: Maceration along with fermentation on wild yeast in stainless steel tank for 15 days on the temperature from 15 to 18 °C, followed by pressing, with the end of fermentation in a large 2,000-litre oak barrel
Maturation: One year (12 months) on fine lees with occasional stirring in an old 2.000-litre oak barrel
Maturation in the bottle: 1 year (12 months)
Analytical data: Alcohol 14%, total acidity 4,6 g, residual sugar 2,0 g, pH 3,59

Year: 2022

The vegetation started a little earlier than usual. Budding in early April, followed by an unusually cold front that slowed down the start of vegetation, but did not cause damage. Because of this, flowering took place ten days later than the standard deadlines, in the second half of May. The color change (veraison) took place in mid-August. Climatically, 2021 belongs to balanced years. Apart from the excesses with the cold at the beginning, the rest of the growing season took place within standard terms. The rest of spring and the first half of summer were marked by regular changes in rainfall and longer periods of sunshine. The end of the growing season was dry and sunny, from veraison to the end of the harvest. The specificity of the year is a very dry and warm harvest period, which made it possible to wait for ideal maturity and moderate yields. The harvest took place in the second half of September.


Vibrant and deeper yellowish green color. It has an intense and layered aroma that exudes the aromas of ripe Malvasia grapes, mixed with ripe peach and pear. In the background, there are layers of yeasty, creamy notes. The taste is characterized by the high intensity and sweetness of ripe grapes. Then the freshness is accentuated, then the sparkling minerality and simultaneous creaminess. In the mouth it is luxurious and intense, with depth and stimulating acids, slightly rounded in the middle, with a long and minerally salty finish. Potential for keeping and additional development for five to ten years from harvest.

Gastronomic recommendation:

With roast veal, delicate white fish such as John Dory with vegetables, Skradin risotto (veal risotto), pasta with truffles and similar dishes

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