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Look for some basic notions about the world of piercing. If you have already decided on a buy body jewelry but do not know where to certify thee, may serve you to know the most sought: belly button, the outside of the ears, eyebrows, nose and lips. You can find plenty of marvelous body jewelry designs! Find out about allergic reactions. Ask yourself: Am I allergic to it? You must be very careful with allergies, it is not trivial matter, before the body jewelry piercing make sure you're not allergic to any of the materials to be used. The most commonly used surgical steel, which does not rust. The titanium and niobium antiallergic, but darken with sweat. Gold and silver are dangerous because many allergies cause. Many people do not tolerate piercings plastic, steel is the best option. What is perforation Bodys jewelry trends ? Needles should be made because the guns cannot be disinfected. Make sure that all instruments have been duly sterilized in an autoclave or sterilizer, because boiling is not enough. Piercing instruments should come sealed in sterile bags.