Benvenuti Vina (Z.T.O. Benvenuti)
Kaldir 7, 52424 Motovun
fax: +385 52 691 322
m: +385 98 197 56 51
m: +385 91 583 87 56

The Benvenuti family

Family, Tradition, Territory

Our family has been making wine for as long as we can remember. It is part of our family's tradition, as well as our region's. The knowledge that we have today we owe greatly to generations before us making wine in the vineyards of this area, some of which were planted in the first decades of the 20th century. Remains of a jug from the Roman Period found in one our vineyards tell of this history. This artefact is now part of a museum in Trieste, but it is a constant reminder of what our mission actually is on this territory - to use the most out of the soil in order to produce exceptional wine. To us, this means using the full potential of three indigenous varieties - Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Muscat.

The grapes for Benvenuti wines grow on several locations characterised by a specific micro-climate. This climate is created by the sea air coming through the River Mirna valley and accumulating in our area, affecting our vineyards ?panjol, Turkov or Fratria. But even more particular are the conditions in the vineyard located at San Salvatore, where the village of Kaldir used to be. At 350 to 400 metres high, this terraced position looks to the south-west and is protected from the winds. The white soil gives the key element of minerality to the grapes from this position. The San Salvatore vineyard is the heart of our indigenous varieties, and with our other locations it creates an intertwined system of vessels between us and nature. This is why we tend to all of our vineyard positions in a naturally sustainable way - and they give nature back to us.

We have limited our production to around 100.000 bottles per year, a quantity that enables us to retain excellent quality paired with our personal signature - without compromise. A harmonious structure, fruitiness and pronounced characteristics of the varieties, with inevitable minerality, form the basis of all of our wines, which you can read about in more detail on these web pages.

With father Livio, sons Nikola and Albert are the key "condiments" of Benvenuti wines. Putting a part of us in each bottle means telling a story of the land on which and of which we live. Being earnest and hard-working, and respecting all that surrounds us - this is our philosophy; in work, as well as in life.

Our Story

The story of the Benvenuti winery is a story of family, tradition and terroir. We are situated in the quiet Istrian village of Kaldir, overlooking nearby Motovun, where we grow three grape varieties - Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Muscat. Throughout history, these varieties have been giving the best results in Istria and it is therefore our intention to use the advantages of this unique territory sustainably, with gratitude for being a small part of it.

Family values and tradition are the key "condiments" of Benvenuti wines. They are the foundation upon which we produce our wines which in their grape variety reflect the abundance of our vineyards, located on several specific micro-locations. One of these, San Salvatore, is the heart of our varieties. The terraced configuration and the white soil, along with the micro-climate, give the grapes character which translates to very mineral, fresh wines, fully expressive of the characteristics of the varieties. These characteristics are expressed in all of our wines, from basic to aged Malvasias, fresh and harmonious Terans, through to intensive and pleasantly acidic sweet wines.

The results of our focus on micro-locations and indigenous varieties - along with honest, hard work - are wines that are recognised by consumers, critics and peers alike. Droplets of our story are enclosed in every Benvenuti bottle, in lieu with our philosophy: like wine, like winemaker. In this way, we would like to convey to you, the wine lover, the terroir on which and by which we live. Ideally, we will do this amongst the ripe grapes of our vineyards, in our cellar, the tasting area or rooms for those guests who wish to savour Benvenuti wines and the whole experience for more than just a day.

To us, wine has always been inseparable from life. We wish to share some of our passion with you!

Yours - Livio, Albert and Nikola Benvenuti

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